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Pot Splash

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Pot Splash is a puzzle game, in which your objective is to help a magician, putting his potions in the correct places, but for that you'll have to face all the puzzles in the castle.

BETA Section

A game about moving potions into squares and puzzling out the solution along the way. There are some real head-scratchers here. I noticed a few bugs (music only plays in the left channel, possible to complete some puzzles sooner than intended when moving a potion across the last 2 necessary squares [unashamed, this helped a few times]). Took 2 hours to puzzle my way through.


This game is cute. It's simple. It's stupid hard. But, when you solve it? Ho boy, that sweet, sweet rush of happy feel good chemicals surging through your brain... oh it's so worth it.


An interesting puzzle - classic sokoban in minimalism. Quite difficult, but I was satisfied. Nice!


Very good game, simple but very beautiful pixel art, the music is very relaxing to listen to, and the levels are great very well done, I recommend this game for those who like a good sokoban


I really enjoyed Pot Splash. It took two hours to complete the head-scratching puzzles and earn all of the achievements.


So, first of all. I love the game. Up until level 15 it completely broke on me but had lots of fun with how broken it was. Press on the credits option to unlock all the levels. ( Leading to all the achievements XP ) 1. Portals broke 2. Stuck in portals with potions 3. Can just run through portals occasionally 4. 10/10 great game


Challenging but cute little sokoban game. 25 levels long. Would definitely purchase more levels, if more are in the works!


Yup the game is nice but you need to fix some bugs tho, sometimes I teleport lol


Amazed and impressed by the level of details continue like that maybe it will be popular like fortnite or other games idk :)))


I was scared at first when I got a random DM but the game is really fun it might be better if new levels are added good luck with the game


An adorable little puzzle game, it has some work to be done but for the most part it looks and sounds great. Highly recommended if you enjoy box pushing puzzle games.


Just noticed that you can live longer with the destruction potions LOL