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Divinum is an action platformer inspired by various hack and slash games. It is currently in development for PC/Mac/Linux, releasing in Q3 2017. Featuring advanced combat system as well as typical platforming aspects, it will tell you a grim story in a dark fantasy setting.


The story takes place in the coastal wilderness of the northern lands. Recently, strange things have started to happen here: servants of the local monastery began to worship an ancient dark deity. The protagonist, young maiden, got caught into their hands and became an offering for a terrible ritual. A forgotten spell was read during the sacrifice, but cultists did not foresee something - changed by the curse, the heroine remained alive. Moreover, she has such a lust for revenge.


  • Advanced combo system enabling many smashing moves.
  • Immerse in the dark fantasy world performed in authentic pixel art.
  • Explore seven levels saturated with monsters and mysteries.
  • Upgrade the character's powers and customize them to play the way you want.
  • No crafting, grinding or backtracking. Push forward and become the fury!
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