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  • Q: Who are you?
    A: We are Divinum Team, a new indie studio from CIS, and Divinum is our first project.

  • Q: Will there be multiplayer?
    A: No, the game is based on solo playthrough.

  • Q: Do you plan to release on consoles?
    A: We will do our best to make it happen, but it will be after the PC release.

  • Q: Is some beta testing planned?
    A: Yes, how it will be done - depends on the Indiegogo campaign.

  • Q: Where the game will be sold?
    A: Our main target is Steam. GOG, itch.io and others are possible too.

  • Q: When it will be finished?
    A: Our estimate is Q3 2017.

  • Q: What engine do you use?
    A: Unity.

  • Q: I have an idea for the game, how can I tell you about it?
    A: If you have any feedback or ideas for Divinum, feel free to contact us on our social media pages or via email: mail@divinumteam.com

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